What people say about Sam’s training


The content was very useful and helped me to think about what I’m writing as I am writing it.

5 star rating


Very intense session. Thank you for your time – I think I will write better.

3 star rating


Would recommend to anyone in my position.

5 star rating


I found this course useful. It is very relevant to my role and it is a good refresher also.

4.5 star rating


Useful, simple instruction. Relevant to my position. Will be able to apply the course information daily.

4.5 star rating


Sam is very knowledgeable and has a great understanding of editing etc. Super helpful and engaging training.

5 star rating


This course was thorough and in-depth. There are many tips I can now use in my business writing. Thank you for your time!

5 star rating


I found this training to be extremely beneficial to my role. The content and the way it was delivered were easy to follow and I remained engaged. Would recommend this training to others in my team.

5 star rating


Great use of personal and corporate knowledge/feedback. Useful tips that can be immediately applied to everyday work.

5 star rating


Thanks! Should have done your training session 20 years ago. Easy prompts and tips to help me in my day to day role and development.

4.5 star rating


11 out of 10. Learned some valuable hints, strategies and techniques that will improve my business writing.

5 star rating


Good refresher and opportunity to update knowledge. Excellent guides and handouts. Good prompts and use of metaphors.